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TruthCatcher Legacy Part VI: Dawn

"Sacrifice is necessary. Without sacrifice, nothing can be attained.
But if there is anything in the world that people do not understand it is the idea of sacrifice. They think they have to sacrifice something that they have. For example, I once said that they must sacrifice "faith", "tranquility", or "health." All these words must be taken in quotation marks. In actual fact, they have to sacrifice only what they imagine they have, and which in reality they do not have. They must sacrifice their fantasies. This is difficult for them, very difficult. It is much easier to sacrifice real things.
Another thing that people must give up is their suffering.
It is very difficult also to sacrifice one's suffering. A man will renounce any pleasure you like but he will not give up his suffering. Man is made in such a way that he is never so attached to anything as he is to his suffering. And it is necessary to be free from suffering. No one who is not free from suffering, who has not sacrificed his suffering, can work. Nothing can be attained without suffering but at the same time, one must begin by sacrificing suffering."

Sacred Datacron of the First Ones

The end was near.

"I am lying next to a statue of a man holding a spear and a shield. An old priest prays in front of me and I somehow understand that the statue is an image of an ancient god named "Mitra". 'Such a weird realm and its weird gods' I whisper to myself. 'I am finally over with you. The end is near.'"

"I am watching the lake silently. It is so silent here. Only the cooling desert and the stars shining magnificently above. I look at the tiled bricks near the hut I have built with my own hands. I feel proud and peaceful. But still.. Still there is something missing. Still it feels like it will all end very soon."

'How long had I been unconscious? What happened to me?' Then I saw Revan throwing a killing strike at Su Jena and the next moment she was on lying on the ground. No! I cried. No! Then a fire raised inside me starting at my feet burning through up. A rage I never felt before. A desire to reach through the Force and smash the mask on the man's face, tearing his eyes with my own hands, rip off his heart and smash it under my feet.

Then it passed away as it came. I dropped my lightsaber.

'I remember this scene..' I whispered to the silent figure standing before me. Kneeling before Su Jena I hugged her and started to cry.

'Yes, I do remember it. It will be my face behind that mask.'

'I am the Guardian of the Gate. I killed Su Jena.'


'Well done, my dear little brother. I have always been fascinated by your foolish ways and yet find it more amazing how unstoppable you are in those ways."

'Naen. Is that really you?'

'Come, brother. You knocked the door and it is time that it'd be opened for you.'

'But Su Jena.. I cannot leave her. Not like this!'

'Ah.. Is that so? Hımm.. But, my dear fool. There is no Su Jena. There has never been..'

'What?! What by the Stars are you talking about?'

'There has never been a Su Jena. This place is not really what you think. You are not really what you are.'

'Oh, I get it. This is another test. I must have been passed out and dreaming all this. You are not real.'

'Really? And you are real, Arckturus. The brighest star in the constellation Boötes. Right?" He had that smile on his face I knew too well. That damned, beautiful smile of him. Lord, I missed him so much..

"Ok, I should talk about this briefly; you are not in the body but encompass/envelop it while being present in another invisible body which consists of similar elements to the Soul (which is you) yet this invisible body is entangled with this plane (this is very important for you to understand) and connects with the visible body through energies transmitted by the invisible body to the mouse, keyboard, display and areas in the H.A.L, hence we (as Souls) may control the body and it's functions, making us experience this realm. Souls are dual, meaning you are also somewhere else, waiting to be united in another realm."

"Mouse.. What in the worlds is that!?'

not to be continued-

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