29 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

the Warrior


How come I became so sentimental and sensitive that I can't even get a simple irony. Sorry, Worakk..

No, my friends. I shall not hide behind my fellow guildies. Sometimes the best way to learn swimming is just to dive deep into sea. I will go there and fight may way out or die on the way trying. But it is good to know that there is a hand out there in case I need to reach. Thank you for your kindness and good hearts.

I was on a rp-pvp server (aquilonia) while I was playing Age of Conan and I had a rule of my own; I had to reach end game content with only 13 lives. When I die 13th times (killed by other players) then I die for good. No more resurrection, no more running through rez points. It was a thrilling experience. I was running away from other players most of the the time, trying desperately to finish the missions without be seen. But It did finally happen. I was level 34 or something like that when it all ended. And I was actually glad that it had finally ended. I was getting sick of all that blood and gore.

Here I do not have such a rule but I still have some "policies";

1) I do not select 'greed' no matter what; either I need it or I do not need it. I am a knight of the Jedi Order after all.
2) I do not make choices that I do not feel to do; no matter what xp it gives or what progress I made up to that point.
3) I do not kill creatures around the planets; if and when I am attacked I simply run. I do kill people on pvp games or when I am personally attacked (flagged) but guarding is always my first priority than damaging or killing.  

Why am I enforcing such rules or necessities?

Why do I draw lines and circles around myself in this way?

It is "the Law of Limitation" that I learned from the sacred datacron of the First Ones;

"Limitation is the first law of manifestation, therefore it is the first law of power. This is not sufficiently appreciated. Many people believe that a spiritual power is infinite, which is far from being the case. For the Logos to manifest It has to circumscribe itself. But a spiritual power is so much greater than the potencies of the lower planes that, when brought to bear upon them, it overcomes all resistances.

It is by the limitation of the content of consciousness that you achieve the concentration of power. But it is by the development and expansion of consciousness that you achive the basis of limitation, because limitation implies discrimination, and a limitation of consciousness is entirely different to a limited consciousness. Limited consciousness implies the exclusion of experience. Limitation of consciousness implies selection of experience and the focusing of attention upon the chosen subject. It is the Law of Limitation which is implied in the power to focus. It is by availing ourselves of resistances that we are able to obtain a purchase upon diffused manifestation."

I may quite safely say from my past experiences that it is a very useful information if you have a goal or a desire to realize.

Thank you again my brothers&sisters in arms. It shall be an honour to fight by your side when I finally prove myself that I do really deserve that honour.

Fides Omnia Vincit

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