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TruthCatcher Legacy Part IV: Uttegae

"About mastering the game.
How does one know they have mastered it?
Does someone else tell them?
See, if the 'master' is not really a master yet he acts like one it will mean he will make errors.
He will have flawed thoughts and act accordingly.
People will start listening to him and adopt the flawed opinions and way of living.....eventually he will do more harm than 1 bloodline actually has the power to do personally.
Hence why 'leaders' have been created for you who 'have mastered their game'."

Sacred Datacron of the First Ones

She was amazing.

Whirling, jumping, turning, cutting horizantally, vertically, diagonally. So smooth. So swift. So exceptional. In less than 22 seconds she had executed all 13 imperial guards and the glorious Sith Emperor was lying before me unconsciouss.

'The relic did its job quite well, I see' She grinned.

Good Lord, she didn't even show any sign of fatigue!..

'It did, indeed.' I smiled back touching the little purple shining stone on my left wrist. 'His excellency will not be able to have his roasted Jedi for dinner tonight'.

I leaned over him and searched for the atlantean orb in his robes' inner pockets.

'Here, it is!' I exclaimed. 'We are ready to open the portal, now.'

She stared at the slightly glowing green orb on my hands. 'Hımm, ok then, Arck. I leave the honour of finishing him to you. Make it quick and clean.'

I turned and looked at her deep sparkling red eyes; 'I do not have any intention of doing such a thing'.

She turned slightly and stared at me with awe. 'Is that so? Well, as you wish. I will do it, then'. She raised her double-bladed saber to hit him.

'No, Enif. You will not.' I jumped between her and the lying man holding her arm. 'We got what we want. Time to leave, now'.

She was quite taken aback.
'What the fuck?! Take your damned hands off me, Jedi. Before you lose them!!'

I felt a chill moving down on my spine.
'Ok, calm down now. I know what your assassin instincts tell you at the moment. But it is time to leave those instincts behind and start using your intuition instead. You have to understand that killing him will not change anything at all but may even make things worse. You see he is nothing but a puppet whose strings are pulled by some unknown higher power.'

For a long moment she locked her eyes on me. And I thought may be it is over this time. Now she will cut me in half and walk over my body. But it happened again. It happened just like in Tatooine six months ago where I had first met her fighting my way through the lines of hostile desert thugs to get the legendary relic I needed to use against the famous deadly lightning attack of the emperor. She looked into my eyes and I again caught a glimpse of light with an unexpected warmth in her eyes. And she quietly lowered her saber.

'You are making a huge mistake, Arckturus. I imagine even your Jedi Masters will be mad at you letting this man walk away like this. Not a man actually, a monster who can destroy all life of an entire planet without hesitation.'

'No, they will not. That is one of the first things we learn at the academy. A jedi does not take the life of a living being unless it is absolutely necessary. As long as there exist life, there will be hope. Even for the dark emperor.'
'But enough talking. We have to move. All hell will break loose soon. We need to reach the 42th gate in aproximately 7 hours in order to be able to open the portal to the Ring.'

I gave a last look at the old man harmlessly lying on the ground before me. I was desperately hoping that I had made the right choice.

'Godspeed you black emperor' I whispered as we left the place.

to be continued-

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